Making HR Personal Again

In a modern society we’re proud to be old fashioned.


At HoRde, we are proud to be ‘old fashioned’. We specialise in providing HR, employment law and health and safety advice to SME’s throughout the North. Our packages are based on relationships and are tailor made to suit you, not a one-size fits all, because we appreciate everyone is different.

Our dedicated team has over 40 years of human resource experience and all are fully trained, legally compliant and accredited to Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) standard.

HoRde have taken HR back to its roots, there are no faceless call centres or rigid scripts, just friendly approachable people who cater for individual circumstances and who have consideration for company values and employee welfare. Just like it used to be!

When you work with us, our team becomes part of your team. We spend time with you, we get to know your business, working with and getting to know your staff, we build relationships from recruitment to retirement and by doing so, we can often spot a potential crisis or dispute and take action before it gets out of hand. After all, a happy contented workforce is a productive workforce.

Our Senior Team

Nick Thorpe, Managing Director
Nick works at Fellowship CIPD level and has 22 years management experience, 14 of which working in strategic HR. He has worked in both the Public and Private sectors including the NHS and has an OCN Level 2 in Counselling. Nick is experienced in all aspects of Human Resourcing and specialises in Discipline and Grievance. He has successfully represented both Claimants and Respondents at Employment Tribunals.

Kate Speight, Managing Director
Kate works as a Chartered Member of the CIPD with 22 years’ experience in the Public Sector before moving to senior management level in the Private Sector. Kate is experienced in all areas of Human Resource, specialising particularly in legal compliance, recruitment and TUPE. She has successfully represented Claimants and the General Medical Council and both Respondents and Claimants at Employment Tribunals.

Neil Kinrade, HR Consultant
Neil qualified with a 2:1 in Business and Human Resources Management at Leeds Beckett University and is an Associate Member of the CIPD. Neil has worked in the Leisure and Retail industry and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in generalist Human Resources, specialising in areas of Conduct and Performance.  He is fully up to date in all aspects of Employment and Contract Law.

Dr. Daniel Rahnavard (Ph.D.), Barrister
Dr Rahnavard was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2007.  Dr Rahnavard worked in-house and was a qualified barrister, a qualified doctor of law, a law lecturer and an integral part of our Team. His unique ‘no-nonsense’ approach without un-necessary “Legal speak” was a breath of fresh air along with his mean sense of humour that made our often-difficult industry enjoyable. Dr Dan was a wonderful friend and colleague who will be forever missed, never forgotten and always a member of Team HoRde.

Roger Nelson, Health & Safety Consultant
We take pride in ensuring that our health and safety services are specific and meet individual client needs. We take time to listen to your comments to ensure all of your requirements are incorporated into the service that we offer. Roger and all our health and safety consultants are NEBOSH qualified, members of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, giving you the confidence to know you are working with competent advisors.


Many people believe they don’t need HR, or use it in a crisis or dispute when it’s too late. The truth is that HR affects everyone involved in business especially those who employ anyone.


Here, at HoRde, we become your HR team and take the time to get to know you and your Business properly. We work with you from recruitment to retirement and everything in-between.


If your business is a machine, then your people are the gears that are crucial to making everything run smoothly. A happy, content workforce is a productive workforce. 

“Working as your HR team we ensure all the focus is on the person and not the process.”

Back to basics.

At HoRde, we take people’s feelings and situations seriously, offering tangible, specific advice to ensure each case is treated appropriately. We don’t have a call centre and you’ll deal with the same CIPD qualified consultant every time. 

Our services are offered on a monthly subscription and at the point of need. We will tailor the solution around your business and you’ll have a dedicated Consultant to support you from start to finish. No scripts, no repetition and personal to you.

Defined in our Approach.

When you contact HoRde, your call will not be answered by someone in a call centre, reading from a script. Importantly, you will speak immediately to one of our professional and knowledgeable team members. Should you choose to work with us, you will be assigned a CIPD qualified consultant who will work with you for the length of your requirement. We do not tie customers in to lengthy contracts.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription and tailored to meet your specific needs. There are no scripts, no repetition, just a personal friendly service bespoke to you.


All customers are assigned a CIPD qualified consultant who deals with the entirety of their case.


We don't have a call centre which means you will not be dealing with strangers reading from a script.


The freedom to run your business the way you want without fear.


We can provide our services on an individual basis or as an all-inclusive package according to your requirements.


As HR partners, we work as part of your own HR team, providing support and advice for all your human resources and provide bespoke letters and documents tailor made to your industry including policies and procedures.

Business Friend

Our business friend package provides HR support to complement your current HR function or team or for smaller businesses, maybe an Office Manager who requires guidance in times of need.

Safe Space

Unlike others, we believe that HR should be available to your entire workforce when needed, just like it used to be. Our Safe Space service is available as a stand-alone package to anyone who outsource their HR but would like the option for the team to have access to confidential advice and support which can reduce absence and workplace conflict, saving you any potential future headaches.

By Your Side – For Employees

If you are an employee and feel you have been mistreated and require representation at a tribunal, we are here by your side, to offer support and advice, fighting your corner. We also have the added advantage of our own in-house Barrister.

Friend in Need – For Companies

Even for those with the most robust systems and procedures in place, things can happen when you least expect it and when a crisis happens or an unexpected employment tribunal claim lands, the team at Horde is there to represent and support you in times of distress.

HR Software

Our HR software solution was designed to tame the chaos so that you can get out from behind the desk and lead your people. Cumbersome HR systems are officially a thing of the past. Keeping all your employee information in one place and automating all those time consuming human resource administrative tasks, we can help you transform the way you do HR. With customisable reports, automated and streamlined processes,this HR system gives you the tools you need to support your business.


This package is designed for any industry or business size as HoRde become your complete Employment Law Department, offering a guaranteed call back time, two dedicated HR Directors, a HR Consultant and a Barrister, should one be needed. Our team becomes part of your team with access for all employees, not just ‘authorised users’.

Why Horde Consultancy?

The truth is HR effects everyone involved in business especially those who employ anyone.

When we look at Bubble and Edina’s working relationship, it’s clear to see that the behaviour of the Leader is a first class ticket to an Employment Tribunal. However, when you consider Bubble’s ability to do her role, then it becomes interesting.

Was Bubble recruited using clear competency based questions against a detailed and robust scoring mechanism?

Did Bubble have the correct experience verified by credible references?

Was adequate training given for the role and was her probationary period monitored effectively with clear performance goals and objectives?

Does Bubble have a Protected Characteristic?

Is Bubble fed up of her Manager bullying her, so much that her want to carry out her role to her best ability is no longer there so she purposely fails to complete her duties effectively?

Dolly Parton tells us she has a workplace grievance; ‘Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living, barely getting by, it’s all taking and no giving.They just use your mind and you never get the credit. It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it. They’ve got you where they want you, there’s a better life, and you dream about it, don’t you? It’s a rich man’s game no matter what they call it and you spend your life putting money in his wallet.’

Dolly explains that she feels victimised as a female Employee. She has reached a point where her employment is becoming untenable and that she is so fed up that she dreams of the day she can escape. She indicates a serious Equal Pay issue in the workplace and that there is clear discrimination on the grounds of her sex.

Dolly shouldn’t be made to feel this way and the Company should have a robust Grievance and Harassment Policy readily available for all Staff. If you suspect a Colleague or Employee feels that they can no longer cope at work. It’s time to reach out. It’s time to call HoRde, who can support both Claimants and Business Owners understand that HR is around you all the time, so much so, you might not even notice.

What Our Customers Think.

“I have been delighted with the support we have received from Horde Consultancy. Our Company is committed to a thorough review of our HR working practices and documentation and the support and advice we have received has been excellent. They have also proved to be an excellent sounding board for many HR issues and have given us excellent advice as to how we may best address these issues while remaining legally compliant. Their help line works well with the initial emails being replied to quickly and effectively and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”
Yorshire Based SME
“It has been a pleasure working with you and Kate despite our sometimes difficult circumstances. Needless to say you have made it as easy as possible for me.”
“We have used Horde Consultancy for the past three years. At the start of our working relationship they fully prepared a new Company Handbook and Contracts of Employment for all our employees. We have found their advice invaluable on several HR issues we have experienced, from day to day queries to dismissal cases. We find Nick and Kate both professional and approachable in all aspects of employment matters and feel reassured to have their support and expertise available to us whenever we should need it. I would highly recommend HoRde’s services to any business.”
Yorkshire Based Manufacturing Company

HoRde Consultancy are proud to support charities, particularly those within our community, such as Business Buddies set up by Wakefield Hospice. On a national level, we work closely with the Royal British Legion and through our HoRde Heroes programme, work with ex-service personnel to support them into work when they return from service.

Ex service personnel are often overlooked but, in our experience, they make the ideal employee. They are excellent timekeepers, disciplined and used to following instructions. HorDe Heroes helps to find ex service personnel work.

We are also proud of our own charity, HoRde Together, which gives us the opportunity to help within our own community, by investing in local projects. For example, HoRde Christmas Memories hosts a Christmas Dinner for people who are spending their first Christmas alone and for those people who have no family. We can offer not just a wonderful meal but an environment where people can make friends, not just for Christmas but for lifetimes.

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